Let's talk Catholic Saints!

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Saint Camillus de Lellis was the most inspirational Saint!!!

The inspirer of the Red Cross, by wearing a huge red cross.
Transformed from being a soldier and gambler to “Giant of Charity”.
De Lellis established the Order of Clerks Regular, Ministers to the Sick better known as the Camillians.
He spread the care of poor patients from his hometown of Bucchianico, throughout the world.
In 1586 Pope Sixtus V gave the group formal recognition as a Congregation, and assigned them the beautiful Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Rome, which they still maintain, off Via della Maddalena near the Pantheon.
Camillus was beatified by Pope Benedict XIV in the year 1742, and canonized by him four years later in 1746.

Join Camillians world wide in celebrating the Fourth Centenary of the death of St. Camillus on July 14, 2014!


You should read on Saint Camillus de Lellis, he was truly inspirational.

Feel free to visit www.apostle.com for more in Saint Camillus:


He was also the Patron Saint of Hospital Workers, and the piece also has the Prayer of St. Camillus.

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