How to sponsor a speaker

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Our Sponsors:

  • Enrich the lives of fellow Catholics in the Diocese of Sacramento
  • Enjoy a personal meet and greet event with a local or nationally renowned speaker
  • Reach 1800+ (and growing) prospective clients via e-mail announcements
  • Receive special recognition on our Internet Business Directory
  • Are mentioned during the Catholic Radio public service announcement if commitment received 6 weeks prior to event
  • Are given a few minutes to speak at our event to talk about your sponsorship or business

We offer three levels of sponsorship: Saint ($1,000), Blessed ($500), and Venerable ($250).

Benefit Saint Blessed Venerable  
To learn how you can benefit from sponsoring a future speaker or if you have a speaker you want to recommend and sponsor, please contact us at (916) 572-3171 or  
Acknowledgement at the Event  
Listing in our online Business Directory  
Event sponsorship announcement on our website and eblasts  
If possible, a private meet and greet with the event speaker    
Speaking opportunity at the event    
Ticket(s) to the Sponsored Event
(2 tickets)

(1 ticket)
Sponsor Announcement during Catholic Radio Announcement      

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